A blogger over at FreeThoughtBlog.com shares his introductory experience with polyamory. Wow.

Now, I’m not a prude. I enjoy responsible, casual physicality as much as the next guy. If there are two friends who are bored and their options are playing checkers or going down on each other, I see nothing improper about opting for the latter choice (then again, I hate checkers). But Christina was married. Although Christina had told me about being physical with other men, this still struck me as something I should not be doing. What if her husband were to find this conversation?

“What about your husband?” I asked.

“We’re polyamorous. You know that.” she responded.

“Yeah but…where would we do this?” Perhaps if I could come up with an insurmountable obstacle I would have an excuse to give power to my reticent emotions.

“Um…my house.” Well shit, that didn’t work.

“Is your husband really ok with this?”

“Do you want to ask him?” she asked.

“No!” I quickly exclaimed.

Spoiler alert: He met the husband. He fucked the wife. I applaud him for bucking expected social convention and taking a walk on the open-minded side of the street. And it took courage for him to write about it. Good for him. Read the full post here.